Drawing Strength from Community

Knowledge Creators Next response

Activisme Création Représentation

Reflections on communication, self advocacy and management in the arts field. 

Community includes self as well. Keeping that in mind: Self, advocate for yourself!

Have the ability to turn down offers when they do not show the amount of respect one should to a person from a different culture. 

Do work that feels right; as in work that is fulfilling, artwork you are able to be proud of. If the request from a client does not align with your needs, you are not required to provide for that client.

Have discussions with other individuals that are of interest, along your lines of work. Seek advice, possible collaboration, and other possibilities.

The Arctic Arts Summit’s Knowledge Creators Next program brings together northern Indigenous post-secondary students, young activists and emerging professionals to attend the Summit. Participants in the Knowledge Creators Next (KCN) program will be sharing their daily reflections—in the form of tweets, photographs, poems, sketches, videos or other short responses—on the Arctic Arts Summit’s digital platform and across social media.