Défenseurs des terres : les artistes face au colonialisme arctique


N. B. : Cette table ronde sera animée en anglais seulement. Pour demander une mesure d’adaptation linguistique, veuillez communiquer avec nous.

Organisé par : Daidddallu

Le mercredi 29 juin 2022, de 11 h 30 à 12 h 30 HNR


Modérateur :

Beaska Nillas


Panélistes :

Melissa Shaginoff
Qivioq Løvstrøm
Elle Marie Haetta Isaksen
Mea Naheko

Qivioq Løvstrøm.




Qivioq Løvstrøm

Qivioq Løvstrøm is the Chair for the Human Rights Council of Greenland (HRCG), and lectures at the University of Greenland as an assistant professor. She has her Master’s in Cultural- & Social History from Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland. She has experience in working for the HRCG and the Foreign Ministry of Greenland as a Head of Section with the areas: Asia, Climate, Trade, Human Rights, and Indigenous Peoples Rights. She is a former Focal point and later on Co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC) under the UN, and is currently their advisor. She is also the current Greenland focal point in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, where the focus a.o. is on food insecurity and its global causes. Qivioq has a love and interest for Inuit mythology and is also one of the co-authors of Bestiarium Groenlandica.

Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen

Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen (b. 1998) is a Sami artist from Tana, Norway. She is a musician and the front figure in the band ISÁK. In addition she is a writer and in 2021 she published a book based on her own history and reflecting upon her Sami identity. Ella Marie is a climate activist and uses traditional knowledge / indigenous knowledge throughout her artistic work.

Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen.