The Owl and the Two Rabbits

Project Spotlight: Nadia Sammurtok’s animated short presents a traditional Inuit story and cautionary tale. 

Territoire Création Représentation
Two animated rabbits are shown from the waist-up, looking directly at the viewer.

A traditional Inuit story of two rabbit sisters who ignore their parents’ warnings & end up being chased by a hungry owl on the open tundra.

“Soon, a hungry owl swoops down threatening to eat the rabbits for supper. The rabbit sisters struggle to escape the grip of his strong talons, but eventually find a way to free themselves, learning a valuable lesson in the end.”
The Owl and the Two Rabbits, written by Nadia Sammurtok


This video is available in Inuktitut and English:


Inuktitut— enter the password “Taqqut2021” in the video below to view it in Inuktitut.

English—enter the password “TAQQUT_2021” in the video below to view it in English.

Credit: This video was originally published by Taqqut Productions on September 17, 2021. COURTESY NUNAVUT FILM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AND TAQQUT PRODUCTIONS.

This project was supported by Nunavut Film Development Corporation.

This story is part of the Nunavut Spotlight. View more content from the Spotlight here.