We Gathered As Family

Knowledge Creators Next response

Nän / Nün Nänkai akändür dän äłek’e ädesedèyè ch’i cha jų̃ kwa’ch’e

Variations on the theme from the poem The Cremation of Sam Mcgee, by Robert W. Service.

There are great things done in the midnight sun
By artists of the Circumpolar world
To hear the tales forged on our ancestral trails
Of our delegation young and old
The northern lights have seen amazing sights
But the most amazing that they ever did see
Was that week on the marge of Lake Lebarge
We gathered as family.

Knowledge creators gathered, from where the Arctic cotton grows
Left their homes with artistic dreams, and the talent really shows
From homes of cold, to the Yukon gold, seemed to fit us well
night to night, with light of day, we gathered at the Sternwheeler Hotel

From solstice day, in Winnipeg heat, we all wished for snow
we held steadfast, for we knew, at last, to the Yukon we will go
to gather again, see friends of old, we all felt more than blessed
we were set to thrive at the Arctic Arts Summit, the goal of our continued quest.


The Arctic Arts Summit’s Knowledge Creators Next program brings together northern Indigenous post-secondary students, young activists and emerging professionals to attend the Summit. Participants in the Knowledge Creators Next (KCN) program will be sharing their daily reflections—in the form of tweets, photographs, poems, sketches, videos or other short responses—on the Arctic Arts Summit’s digital platform and across social media.